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Editing Week Two: From San Francisco to Queenstown

With the play resembling completion, we now move forward into the final phase of editing. 
The production team are busy sourcing additional sound effects and music, with our lead editor, Jacob, piecing everything together.  Take a look at his workspace: 

Meanwhile, having completed the poster, the PR team can now move on to creating the last-minute addition of a short animation, a decision made in order to add a visual element to the radio play. This will include a combination of hand-drawn and digitally edited elements, in the hope of enhancing Phileas Fogg's journey around the world.  
Later this week, the audio and visual elements will come together so that by Friday we will have a completed performance all set for its live appearance on Monday evening.  If you would like to 'attend' the radio play, please sign up for free tickets here

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Credits : Anna Matthaei, Cristina Grohmann , and Csenge Szendrei of Class 12 2020

Editing Week One: Calcutta to Hong Kong

With recording now complete, it is all steam ahead for the technical team. Here is a passage written by Ciar, to give you a more detailed insight into the recording process, with a hint at what will take place in the coming weeks.
After weeks of virtual rehearsals and practice recordings, we have recorded what will be our final performance.
The recording of this performance was done via a Zoom call with the cast while we all recorded our own audio individually. We chose to do it this way so that we could feed off each other and not lose the natural flow of the dialogue, but also maintain a high quality of sound. This was done under duvets and in cupboards in order to block out the background noise of everything from traffic to pets.

Our hope was to do this in one take. However, we quickly realised that this would not be possible. Lines were mis-spoken and last minute edits to the script were made, but the joy of a radio play is that we can make these changes without re-recording the enti…

Recording Week: Cupboards and Squat Racks

On Thursday and Friday, after three days of rehearsals, we entered our 'recording studios' for the first time to do a 'dress rehearsal'. This Tuesday, we will be recording what is essentially the 'performance', after which we will hand over to those in charge of editing the individual recordings together. Jake, who has been working on the technical side of things, kindly offered to write a piece to share his own experiences of the journey so far. 
Week one of strenuous tech testing began with a bang: trying to figure out how one edits sound. Rather more complex than the video editing some of us are more comfortable with, it turns out… 
Two hours later and a whopping three minutes of dialogue was produced, edited, and ready to send off to the ‘stream’ (our new virtual drama classroom)! An unyielding experience at first but soon the recording, re-recording and editing things together became more intuitive and the finished result was wholeheartedly satisfying. The m…

Rehearsal Week: Unfamiliar Accents

This week rehearsals have been in full swing. Accents have graced lips leaving voices unrecognisable. Intonation has been tweaked and tweaked again. Lines have been inserted and deleted, tentatively trying to hear the script through the ears of the audience. Technical meetings are underway and lists of sound effects are being rapidly typed out and sourced ahead of next week when recording will begin. 
Having once thought that choosing a play that everyone would agree on was the biggest challenge we would ever face, we are now met with the enormous task of recording and editing it all, to create something resembling our expectations. Moreover, all communication regarding this must be made through video calls, and when bad wifi interferes, this can be somewhat tricky. Before the real recording begins, however, we must first do various tests to check that our individual recording environments produce a suitable sound. For this, we must all create our own 'recording studios'. Contr…


Welcome to the Edinburgh Steiner School Class 12 radio play blog 2020. As many may know, it is tradition for Class 12 to host a class play at the end of their school year to bring the class together for a final collaboration. Due to our current circumstances with the COVID-19 lockdown, this has been a difficult task to follow through. However, with the support of Hester Machin and the power of Class 12, we are happy to announce that we are working towards creating a radio play adaptation ofJules Verne'snovel Around The World in Eighty Days which will be aired on Monday 29th June.
         We invite you on our journey through this blog with regular updates on our progress. 
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